Vietnam to grant e-visa to the citizens of 80 countries from July 1st

Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has just signed the 79/NQ-CP resolution on the list of 80 countries, which their citizens are eligible for the electronic visa (e-Visa) and the list of international border gates, which allow foreigners to enter and exit with e-Visa.

The resolution takes effect July 01, 2020. Vietnam’s Government Portal reported. So far, Vietnam has suspended entry for all foreign nationals. Only Vietnamese nationals, foreigners on diplomatic or official business, and highly skilled workers are allowed to enter the country at this time. Anyone entering Vietnam must undergo medical checks and 14-day quarantine upon arrival. All foreigners who entered Vietnam after March 1 on visa exemptions, e-visas or tourism visas will be given automatic stay extensions at no charge until June 30, 2020. Visitors who entered the country before March 1 may be considered for the extension, provided they can show an official letter from their embassy or consulate stating they wer…

Solo travel to Vietnam

Solo travel is on the rise. And for good reason — it allows you much more freedom and a greater opportunity to connect with locals. TiiM TRAVEL can cater to solo travelers who traveling to Vietnam. Ideal for budget travelers, TiiM TRAVEL takes single travelers to exotic destinations in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Sapa, Ninh Binh, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Mekong Delta… Train travel in Vietnam is cheap and recommended. Buses, taxis, xe om, motorbikes, boats and bicycles will take you anywhere you might want to go.
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Best experience in Vietnam

Regardless you are a first-time-traveler to Vietnam or come back to Vietnam, there are best experience in Vietnam you have to try, or try it again.

1/ Cyclo through Old Quarter in Hanoi. The Old Quarter is the cultural heart of Hanoi, where the pulse of life has been beating for nearly 2,000 years. It’s definitely worth taking a cyclo for an hour or so at the start of a visit to Hanoi. This authentic way allow visitors discover the city center in intense emotions. 2/ Cruise in Halong Bay.The World Heritage seascape of Halong Bay, dotted with jagged limestone pinnacles, is one of Vietnam’s biggest attractions. The most popular way to experience the bay is on a cruise. 3/ Boat into the rice paddy in Ninh Binh. The undulating limestone cliffs surrounding the city of Ninh Binh, about 2 hours south of Hanoi, have been nicknamed “the inland Halong Bay” - and for magnificent reason. A visit to perhaps the most famous wetlands of the region, Tam Coc, will quickly show how the area has earned th…

How long does it take to get to airport?

How long does it take to get to Hanoi airport? The airport in Hanoi Capital is Noi Bai International Airport. It’s about 35km away from Hanoi center. It takes about 45 minutes from Hanoi center to get to Noi Bai International Airport. Taxi costs 300,000 - 350,000 vnd Bus costs 15,000 - 25,000 vnd
How long does it take to get to Ho Chi Minh airport? The airport in Ho Chi Minh City is Tan Son Nhat International Airport. It’s about 10km away from Ho Chi Minh center. It takes about 45 minutes from Ho Chi Minh center to get to Tan Son Nhat International Airport. Taxi costs 120,000 - 200,000 vnd Bus costs 10,000 - 20,000 vnd
How long does it take to get to Da Nang airport? The airport in Da Nang City is Da Nang International Airport. It’s about 2km away from Da Nang center. It takes about 10 minutes from Da Nang center to get to Da Nang International Airport. Taxi costs 40,000 - 60,000 vnd Cyclo costs 40,000 - 60,000 vnd
How long does it take to get to Da Nang airport? The airport…

All helpful information about Visa to Vietnam

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1/ Check if you are required Visa to Vietnam or you are eligible for exemption Visa to Vietnam?
Below list is only for Ordinary passport. You may see full list here: Exemption of Entry Visa to Vietnam (full list update 28 July 2017)
EXEMPTION OF ENTRY VISA TO VIETNAM (updated on 28 July 2017)
2/ Understand about Vietnam Visa:
a. Types of visas:
• Visa sticker: is a visa labeled directly into a passport; • Loose-leaf visa: is a visa issued separately from a passport.
b. The validity:
• Single entry visa: is a visa having validity to enter into and exit from Vietnam for one time. • Multiple entry visa: is a visa having validity to enter into and exit from Vietnam for more than one time. c. Visa categories:
There are totally 20 Vietnam Visa categories, however, in this artcile, we only introduce 4 below categories:
• DN - issued to working partners of Viet Nam businesses. • LĐ - issued to …

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Vietnam Visa On Arrival - Visa Extension - Work Permit - Resident Card

Vietnam Visa On Arrival Visa Extension Work Permit Resident Card
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Vietnam Visa On Arrival
There are 4 main categories of Tourist Vietnam visa on arrival: + Vietnam Visa On Arrival 1 month single entry + Vietnam Visa On Arrival 1 month multiple entry + Vietnam Visa On Arrival 3 month single entry + Vietnam Visa On Arrival 3 month multiple entry They are available for nationals of 120+ countries in the world.
Inclusion: The Approval Letter. Exclusion: The Stamping Fee as below details: Single-entry visas: 25 USD Multiple-entry visas:  + Valid up to 03 month: 50 USD + Valid more than 03 months up to 06 months: 95 USD + Valid more than 06 months up to 12 months: 135 USD
Urgent processing available with surcharge: + Urgent within 24 hours (working day only) + Urgent within 4 hours (working time only) + Urgent within 2 hours (working time only)
Documents required We only need below informatio…